Apps Development

TCS Media is a leading edge technology based company that delivers innovative mobile application development solutions that work in real time or online/offline. We have extensive experience and expertise in mobile application development on all major platforms. We have expert development teams and the latest tools to tailor our apps-development services to the mobile community. We understand that in today’s world, personalized mobile application development is the most appropriate solution to match up the demands of the mobile users. This is why, we use all the latest and brilliant mobile application development platform options in our development: Flash Lite, Java ME, Android and .NET and Compact Framework.

Our applications include:

  • Game Application
  • Business Application
  • iPhone Application
  • Android Application
  • Windows Application
  • Blackberry Application
  • Smart Phone Application
  • Tablet Application
Mobile phones are used daily for storing your personal information, wrapping up your data in a folder, surfing the internet for any type of search, checking your account details or using your online banking facility, reserving a flight ticket, or any other task. It is with the help of the mobile applications that these daily tasks have become extremely convenient for the mobile users today. Moreover, we develop all of our applications keeping in mind several important points: screen sizes of the mobile phones, their respective hardware specifications and their basic configurations. Our team of developers are dedicated to bringing your ideas and concepts into a mobile reality.

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